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Specialist CRM system consultants and developers

We serve clients across the UK ranging from Greater London to Manchester and even Leeds. Our team of specialist CRM system consultants and developers consist of Lean Six Sigma practitioners and Microsoft certified CRM and sharepoint engineers. The process consultants are there to help identify process inefficiencies and tailor the CRM solution to your business needs, while our CRM system developers provide expertise & insight while building the solution in line with processes. This combination allows our clients maximise the value they get from any implemented CRM system.

Some of the outcomes we have achieved for clients include

  • Connecting the front-end website to CRM system so all sales enquiries automatically flow into the back-end system
  • Optimising the sales process and simplifying the pipeline to help drive conversion which can then be tracked in CRM
  • Using Service and Product catalogue modules in CRM to streamline product configurations and pricing based on who the customer is to maximise conversion
  • Developing a customer service platform to handle service enquiries, complaints and customer requesting using automated tickets, status updates to the customer and work flow to ensure the right person deals with issues
  • Building enhanced reporting capabilities for senior management to track progress, sales and business KPIs

Helping our clients get it right

As part of our engagement, we work closely with clients in the planning stage to understand different deployment options, the total cost of ownership and workshop the key areas to focus on to achieve most value from implementing a CRM solution. Once the ground work and analysis is done, we can usually have a base CRM solution up and running within 1 week.

On average, our clients have observed 20-40% efficiency gains from identified process improvements and transparency through streamlined reporting and KPIs. We ensure our consultants are there to help and advise through the full life cycle. To find out more about the typical benefits we've manage to achieve with clients, you should check out our blog post.

If you're interested in exploring how CRM can work for you, please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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We also have a range of standard packages that can be tailored to your needs:

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To run a successful business in today’s volatile and highly competitive corporate world, you need to find ways to optimise business productivity, reduce the cost of doing business and drive shareholder value. And this is what we do! KStar Associates is a leading business management consultant firm committed to providing businesses across all industry verticals customised, valuable and result driven end-to-end consultancy services specialising in CRM design and development. We follow a customer-centric approach. By using our expertise, experience and cutting edge tools, we help you streamline processes that lead to business optimisation and improve overall business profitability. Our goal is to take your business to new heights. We take pride in being the first choice among businesses when it comes to hiring business management advisors in the UK.

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