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3 Guerilla Marketing Tips for the Small Business

  Over the years, we’ve had the fun and privilege of working with a number of small and fast growing businesses helping them bring products to market on management consultancy projects. More recently, we’ve been involved in a larger project launching an enterprise product across Europe: the numbers involved in ‘going to market’ are mind […]

A Bad Economy Encourages Thrift: Emergence of Small Businesses Opting for Value Based Deals

With McDonald’s corporation and Wal-Mart reporting their most recent quarterly earnings an underlying message shone through the numbers which was that of margin pressure. It’s a similar story in the Eurozone too. Driven by increasingly cash conscious consumers and rising input costs, firms are looking to find creative ways to boost profitability through efficiency gains. […]

Facebook’s $19bn Acquisition of Whatsapp and How Not to Destroy Shareholder Value

The last week or so has been filled with news of the surprise announcement that Facebook will be acquiring the mobile messaging service Whatsapp for $19bn consisting of $4bn in cash, $12bn in Facebook shares and a further $3bn in restricted stock that management will receive over a 4 year period. To read the full […]