KStar Associates: Our Approach

Our Approach

Our advisory approach is unique both in the breadth of disciplines we offer through our associates and also the fusion of listening carefully to our client problems and then using data to validate our hypothesis. There is no pre-defined template applied to client challenges, though our experience does lend to applying best practice principles. Rather we let client instinct guide us and data to instruct us in formulating a strategy tailored around long-term, measurable shareholder value for the organisations we serve.

Understand the problem

A key principle we adhere to is that business owners understand their challenges better than anyone else. Therefore our first step is understanding and exploring the client context. We do this by carefully evaluating an RFP or issuing a client survey which is returned to us under a non-disclosure agreement. We usually request for private companies that historic financial accounts (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) are attached the survey response.

Validate the hypothesis

Our Associates and industry subject matter experts use a combination of financial data and competitor benchmarking to validate the problem context. The financial numbers provide a unique insight that provides additional light on the underlying issues and helps us form an informed view on both the diagnosis of issues and potential solutions.

Create value-based outcomes

Working with the client we develop a series of recommendations to enable value-based outcomes that are measurable and provide long-term sustainable value while solving the core underlying problems. In many cases, we also implement the recommendations working on site with the client team to deliver change.