Alliance: helping owners maximise value in an exit

We're passionate about transforming businesses..and helping owners maximise value in an exit

Our Alliance Programme is aimed at high-value companies seeking an exit and brokers who deal with the sale of private non-listed companies. In a typical business-sale, a client will approach a broker, the broker will value the company, and a buyer will be found for the sale. In this scenario, the only option the client has is to either A) accept today's fair valuation of their business or B) hope for a marginally higher bid from another buyer.

Under our Alliance Programme, brokers and companies will be able to access an exclusive service that opens up a third option: 'Here's how much your business could be worth & how we can help you realise that value in an exit.'


KStar Associates can:

  • Work with the nominated broker to conduct a full strategic assessment and to-be value report for qualifying businesses (advising how much the business could potentially be worth Vs. the current value placed by the broker)
  • Make actionable recommendations and a roadmap for realising the potential value
  • Deploy an Associate to work with the client to support the implementation of key action items in a value-based deal

Value Based Deals

Value-based deals are structured at zero up-front cost to the client and fees are strictly tied to a percentage share of any uplift in value gained from our consulting services. The advantage is that as our work increases the saleable value of a business, the broker will benefit from larger fees and a more attractive business to potential buyers. The business owner will have maximised value from the exit that would otherwise not have been possible from a traditional business agent.

Targeted Focus

Every business is different and that's why KStar Associates will work with owners to target specific areas for improvement to drive business value which may include:

> Financial Performance / Profits & Balance Sheet

> Synergy benefits / economies of scale

> Future growth opportunities

> Governance model & Management team

> Quality and segmentation of customer base

> Strength of brand, Intellectual property, licensing

> Strength of supply chain, sales, service, distribution channels

> Operational performance & efficiency


Value-based deals are primarily aimed at companies whose annual turnover is £5m+ GBP. Smaller sized companies should consider our services and how we can shape a tailored work package to deliver shareholder value.

If you wish to discuss how we can form an alliance to help your clients or business in an exit, please contact us for a strictly confidential no-obligation meeting.